BdX - Dead Skin Remover
BdX - Dead Skin Remover
BdX - Dead Skin Remover
BdX - Dead Skin Remover
BdX - Dead Skin Remover
BdX - Dead Skin Remover
BdX - Dead Skin Remover
BdX - Dead Skin Remover

BdX - Dead Skin Remover

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Save yourself some time from going to the salon to have a pedicure.

With the all-new BdX- Dead Skin Remover, you can have that salon care treatment at the comfort of your own home.

You can do your own nails and make sure that your feet look great. Don’t worry about not knowing how to do it because the electric foot dead skin remover is so easy and very convenient to use. You can have high maintenance-looking feet in just a matter of minutes. 


All you need is this tool. It’s ideal for pro and at-home pedicures and is proven and tested to be a safe alternative to harsh, metal scrapers. You can pamper yourself anytime, anywhere you want!

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  • Removes the toughest of skin in seconds that leaves you with beautifully soft and smooth feet.
  •  Buffs away dry, hard and rough skin from the soles and heels in seconds gently and effectively.
  •  Safer and more effective than metal scrapers, which use blades to cut the skin.
  • The unique micro-miner rollers spin 360 degrees, at 30 times per second to gently remove hard rough skin. 
  • Engineered with a more powerful motor and its ergonomic design comes with a soft handle to comfortably use.
  • Roller can be replaced for multiple uses.

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1. Open the rear end of the device 
2. Remove the rubber cover protecting the roller before using.
3. Make sure that the roller is fastened firmly and securely to the device.
4. Start with a hard-skin roller.
5. Twist the silver ring to the left to start the device and place the dead skin roller on the skin.
6. Gently slide the device to the skin and the dead skin will be removed.



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